Finangle is a Manipulation Rummy game that is very much like the Shanghai game, with minor differences described here. Finangle is sometimes known simply as Manipulation.

The differences between Finangle and Shanghai are:

  • More than 5 people can play if a third deck is added to the game.

  • Seven cards are dealt to each player.

  • Aces can only be used as a high card in Runs. So Q-K-A is valid, but K-A-2 and A-2-3 are not.

  • Sets are kept on one side of the table, and runs on the other side.

  • At the end of each round, players score penalty points for the cards remaining in their hand, using these values:

    Card Value
    Ace 15 points
    Face cards 10 points
    Others 5 points
  • The game can be played to 200 or 300 points by prior agreement. When a player's cumulative point score reaches or passes the agreed target, the player who then has the lowest score wins.

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