Straight Gin

There are two variations of Gin Rummy commonly known as Straight Gin, both of which are described here. Both are fairly simple additions to the base game, so start with the rules for Gin Rummy and then add theses changes to get the new game's rules.

Common Straight Gin

Straight Gin is a version of Gin Rummy in which there is no knocking. Both players attempt to get gin, and the player who gins first is the winner. Often this is played in a best-of-seven format, rather than for points.

Scarne's Straight Gin

John Scarne, in Scarne on Cards, describes a different version of Straight Gin. In the Scarne version, which he says is "probably played as much as, if not more than, Gin Rummy itself", because of the greatly simplified scoring, is played exactly like Gin Rummy, except that:

  • The stakes for the game are agreed upon before play begins, and is a lump sum, and not a certain amount per point.
  • The first player to 100 points or more wins the stake.
  • There are no box and game bonuses.
  • The total difference in points between the winner and loser is irrelevant, but in the case of a shutout, the loser pays double the stake.

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